E.G.E.M. was born from the experience handed down for generations (since 1957) in creating various solutions of fine flooring for homes and commercial environments. Today E.G.E.M. realizes floors and restorations in Venetian Terrazzo, traditional or in resin, both in situ and precast, carries out the supply and installation of mosaics, marble and granite.

For outdoor, in addition to the Venetian Terrazzo, he creates continuous floors in Washed Gravel.

It has always operated successfully in creating new Venetian Flooring solutions, in architectural recovery interventions, with the use of the most advanced technologies and high quality materials in collaboration with well-known national and international companies. E.G.E.M. over time it has also specialized in conservative restoration interventions of ancient Venetian Floors, both in lime and cement, rediscovering the origins and secrets of the Venetian Terrazzo Flooring.

The company has thus been able to merge the ancient experience of the Venetian artisans (in Italian “terrazzieri”), as well as protect the professionalism and authenticity of the construction methods, adapting the same methods to contemporary needs, thus creating interventions for private and public buildings of considerable historical and artistic interest.


Where We Are

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    36075 – Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) – Italy
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Venetian Terrazzo History

The Artistic Venetian Terrazzo floor finds its historical origins in the floor decorations in Greece. In later times the Romans used it to create the splendid mosaic floors.

Passed down for centuries, it was welcomed and perfected by the workers of the communities of Friuli and Veneto.

The Venetian Terrazzo Flooring reached its maximum development and splendor in the city of Venice (hence the origin of the name), where in 1586 the “Arte dei Terrazzieri” arose, the first Confraternity to draw up its own statute regulating the construction methodologies.

Originally it consisted of fragments of terracotta mixed with lime, then pieces of marble were inserted to make it more aesthetically appreciable and also resistant to time.

This floor has undergone numerous and continuous evolutions over the centuries, adapting to the tastes of each era.

From Venice it has been exported all over the world, testifying even today, with its presence in the most important palaces, the superior quality of an artifact, still witnessing Veneto today.

Today the Venetian Terrazzo floor is a work of art, part of ancient and modern architecture and writes the contemporary history of our days.